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📈 Podcast Subscriptions 📈


Drive revenue from user subscription rather than Ads.

👇Outcome based off inputs below

Podcast Subscriptions Turned On:

$ per month

  • Reduce free content to once a month with ads

  • Make remaining content for subscribers only

Same podcast with ONLY Ad based revenue:
$ per month

Audience Size

What's your audience size?


Ad Revenue

How many Ads do you run per episode?

10-second ads (@ $15 per CPM)
30-second ads (@ $18 per CPM)
60-second ads (@ $25 per CPM)

$ ad revenue per episode

How many episodes do you release per week?

episode(s) per week
$ ad revenue per month

Subscriber Revenue

% of current audience convert to subscription (this range is verified by previous subscription podcasts)

Subscribers are charged a monthly fee of

$ per month

Ready to make the switch to a subscription focus,
or want to learn more?

Subscription Podcast Calculator - 🤔What your pod looks like with Subscription rev vs. Ad rev | Product Hunt Embed

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